Sustainability manuals

Guideline for green centers

ECE has been developing, realizing, and operating shopping centers for almost 50 years. We incorporated the experience gained in the responsible use of exhaustible resources in our sustainability manuals and added further aspects to them. Therefore, we have manuals at our disposal which provide a detailed overview of sustainable measures during planning, building, and the operation of shopping centers. Thus, we can ensure that sustainability criteria are taken into account in every project phase.

Manual "Sustainable Shopping Centers"

ECE as partner of cities is anxious to develop and implement concepts for its properties which will have a long-term and positive impact on their environment. Sustainability principles are therefore already considered in the planning stages of a new shopping center:

After extensive research, the Institute for Technology of Karlsruhe University (TH) and ECE published the first comprehensive sustainability manual on the development of shopping centers in 2010.  The work of the project team is based on the requirements of the DGNB (German Sustainable Building Council) for the construction and operation of sustainable buildings.

The manual provides a list of all sustainability measures which are necessary for the development of a project – from planning to construction and finally to the center operation. The manual contains recommendations which range from “area efficiency” and “life cycle costs” to “compensation measures”. The manual provides tips for the certification process and the required documentation.  The manual will serve architects, engineers, and other persons involved in the project as a guideline when constructing new buildings or extensions. It will be part of the daily work of all persons involved in the project.

Manual "Sustainable Shopping Centers" (German only)

Manual "Sustainable Operation of Shopping Centers"

Sustainability is our focus also with regard to the long-term operation of our properties. There is considerable potential in our portfolio areas which constitute the largest part of our areas by far. 

Therefore, the manual “Sustainable Operation of Shopping Centers” was published, in order to supplement the “Sustainable planning, building, and operation of shopping centers“manual published by ECE in 2010. It provides local technical managers and center managers with assistance as well as practical information and best practice examples for a sustainable operation of shopping centers. As well as creating awareness among center employees, the manual and training sessions will help to ensure that all ECE centers meet the same environmental standards.

This manual was amended for use on the international market and is directed to employees and project managers who are active in European countries outside Germany.

The manual contains checklists which help the management of a center to assess all areas of operation for sustainability – from the parking garage and the energy and water consumption to the complaints management. Thereby the manual considers the different basic conditions of every center. The measures are selected considering the age of the property, the ongoing contracts, the technical facilities or the specific conditions on site. Therefore, the manual serves as a guideline to provide stimuli for ongoing operations and strengthen the sustainability of centers.

Manual "Sustainable Operation of Shopping Centers"


Mobility and accessibility have become more significant with regard to environmental and economic sustainability aspects and the implementation of the corresponding standards. Already today, these aspects have become part of the certification requirements for new and existing real estate properties. ECE aims to support visitors and center employees, who use electric vehicles, with specific services and thus to promote sustainable electromobility.  The “Electromobility” manual describes how these electromobility services can be implemented at the centers.

Since 2010, ECE has tested several services and measures in the Potsdamer Platz district of Berlin, which were supported by the nationally funded “Schaufenster Elekromobilität” (Electromobility Showcase) initiative. The experience gained and the results of the now-completed project are the basis for the status quo and for recommendations regarding electromobility.

Manual “Electromobility” (German only)

Tenant fit-out building materials

ECE has been supporting the development of a certification system of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) since 2009. During this period, the company has received a large number of DGNB awards for itself and for its projects. In terms of certifications, building materials are important for a number of building characteristics.  During a life cycle analysis the building materials will be considered with regard to, e.g., energy consumption and emissions during the production, durableness, easy dismantling, and recyclability.  At the same time, environmentally friendly and low-emission building materials should be use to protect people and the environment.

Following a holistic approach, ECE has not only decided to comply with these requirements for its construction projects but also to convince its tenants to use environmentally-friendly and health-friendly materials. The “Tenant Fit-out Building Materials” manual aims to explain these requirements to the tenants, provide necessary background information, and by giving examples to help them finding suitable building materials. The manual was compiled with tenants at the ECE Sustainability Forum. 

Manual “Tenant Fit-out Building Materials” (German only)

On the initiative of CEO Alexander Otto, the manuals are not only used by ECE, but can be used by everybody who is interested in them.  For operators of highly frequented properties and their employees, the manuals can be valuable sources of information and help them to realize sustainable shopping centers.