The sustainability code of the German real estate industry

We commit ourselves to observe certain sustainability regulations by agreeing to the sustainability code of the German Property Federation (Zentraler Immobilien Ausschuss, ZIA). We therefore promise to be guided by the principles of sustainable behavior in the context of our entire business operations and in daily work processes.

The Sustainability Code of the German Property Federation (Zentralen Immobilien Ausschusses, ZIA)

  • We are aware of the social responsibility and accept it!
  • The principles of sustainability are an integral part of our values and our conduct!
  • Our goals are not one-dimensionally, we adjust them to the sustainability principles!
  • Our products, services, and business relations are based on the sustainability principles!
  • Our staff recruitment, development, continued training and leadership are guided by the principles of acting sustainably!
  • We actively involve our stakeholders in our efforts to identify sustainable solutions!
  • We act according to high compliance requirements and aim for continuous improvements!
  • We publish our goals, measures, activities, and progress annually in sustainability reports!
  • We live transparency and support activities which assess sustainability!
  • We live a sustainable company management and inspire others to follow our example!