We try to achieve a constant dialog with all partners

The sustainable development of ECE requires transparency. Therefore, an important part of the sustainability activities of ECE is the constant exchange of ideas with all ECE partners, regular reports on the progress of the sustainability measures, and the search for new solutions.

The Sustainability Forum – a forum for our rental partners

The aim of the Sustainability Forum is to build a network between the sustainability officers of the rental partners and our company.

We use this forum to exchange experiences and discuss sustainability issues and solutions with retailers, e.g. how we can install cost-efficient lighting concepts in more shops. It is also an objective of the event, which takes place twice a year, to develop sustainability strategies, e.g. for a carbon-neutral shopping center. The Sustainability Forum also serves as an interface between retailers and us as shopping center operator. Thus, we can face the challenges posed by certification systems and legal regulations together.

Retail Meeting / Retail Technical Meeting

We want to initiate a change of mind

ECE shopping centers are constantly in the public eye – also regarding their impact on the environment. We initiated the "change of mind" campaign to inform our customers and visitors about how we put sustainability measures into practice on post-its.

These were designed to create attention for our commitment for sustainability, for example with green energy and e-mobility.

The post-its can be seen in popular places in many centers. Thus, we do not only have an obligation to act according to sustainability principles for tens of thousands of visitors every day; we use the large number of customers to promote our sustainable ideas and to initiate a change in everybody's mind.

Sustainability is also very important for investment partners

The increasing number of requests but also the results of surveys, which were conducted by ECE, show that the interest of our investors in sustainability has increased significantly.

ECE regularly conducts surveys among investors on the topic of sustainability to test and take the ECE sustainability strategy further.  The results of a survey from 2013 show that the majority of the respondents are convinced that the investors' requirements regarding the sustainability of shopping centers will increase in the coming years. As main reasons for the interest in the topic sustainability, the maintaining of the value of the property and the saving of ancillary costs are named. The statements by the investors confirm our sustainability strategy and encourage us to consistently continue this way.

Survey results from 2013

  • 94.6 % of investors are convinced that the requirements for the sustainability of shopping centers will increase further.
  • 92.2 % confirm that sustainability is an important competitive aspect in their industry
  • 79.7% confirm that the sustainability criteria have a strong impact on their investment strategy

The Sustainability Report

The Sustainability Report is an integral part of the communication with the partners of ECE.  It provides information about the progress of the sustainability measures and the further sustainable development of the company. The Sustainability Report is published in a two-year interval.

Sustainability Report

Sustainability congress

What will the traffic situation in German major cities be like in the future? Are customers willing to pay more for sustainably manufactured products? How can cities and municipalities finance urgent urban construction measures to remove environmental damage? In January 2013, the ECE Sustainability Conference "The city in climate change – people in value change?" gave answers to these and other important current questions.

Besides the members of the Sustainability Advisory Board, various experts in this field took part in the first ECE Sustainability Conference, among them Frank Horch, Minister for Economy, Transport and Innovation of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg, Dr. Dieter Salomon, Mayor of the city of Freiburg or Monika Griefahn, former Minister of the Environment in the German State of Lower Saxony. They presented sustainable concepts and discussed them with more than 400 participants from politics, business, science, the media, and ECE employees. They provided insights into current trends of the key areas: mobility, trade, and urban development.