Alexander Otto

Compliance at ECE

ECE's reputation as a reliable, integrity-minded, and fair partner is the basis for our success. Thus, compliance is a key issue at ECE.
ECE's Compliance Management System is based on the values of ECE. One key value of the ECE is "integrity". We understand that, as a Hanseatic company, we feel committed not only to the national and international standards, but also to the principles of reputable businessmen. We therefore behave fairly, reliably, predictably, and upright.
The canon of values and the understanding of values at ECE are set forth in the value statement and the general code of conduct of ECE which you can download here.
In order to ensure this in business life as well, the code of conduct of ECE is to be our ethical and legal signpost for the concrete implementation of our values within the ECE Group and vis a vis our business partners and competitors.

The Institut für Corporate Governance in der deutschen Immobilienwirtschaft e.V. (ICG) awarded ECE with the “Compliance Management” certificate in 2014.  ECE is the tenth company that was certified by ICG.  By awarding the certification, ICG confirms that the companies have established a system that avoids malicious action.  The principles of the basic value management are transparency and good company culture. Moreover, the certification considers special requirements of real estate companies that include regulations for conflicts of interest when conducting transactions or tender processes. The certification of ECE's Compliance Management Systems was confirmed by ICG in 2016 and 2019. 

Infringements of the code of conduct of ECE can be reported to the compliance helpline (compliance(at)ece(dot)com or + 49 040 60 60 6-7733).

Notification on possible compliance standards violation can also be made anonymously via the BKMS® system of the ECE. The whistleblower system includes encryption features for data transmission and data access which meet the currently highest possible security standards. Besides from German and English, the whistleblower system is available in 11 further languages. The whistleblower system can be accessed through the following website: