Our values

We as a family company have always been interested in long-term success and are aware of our responsibility to society and the environment, our business partners, and ourselves.

We understand our external and internal customers’ current and future needs and expectations and flexibly adjust our actions accordingly.

We take on responsibility, recognize risks, seize opportunities, develop result-oriented new solutions, and are always aware that our economic success is also of importance to many others.

We communicate externally and internally openly at eye level, cooperate in the spirit of trust, support each other and rely on long-term relationships based on mutual appreciation.

We are open for new ideas and promote creativity and willingness to learn in order to be able to co-create the city of the future, with innovative ideas and real estate, in such way that people always enjoy being there.

We are committed with the utmost attention to our customers’ and partners’ desires and targets and identify with our company and our tasks.

As a Hanseatic company we feel committed not only to the national and international standards, but also to the principles of reputable businessmen and behave fairly, reliably, predictably, and upright.

Along the complete value chain, we cooperate in our project teams in a respectful and target-oriented way with people with the most different personalities, competences, professions, and nationalities in order to successfully master complex challenges.