Police, fire service, ambulance man infront of a shopping center

Safety in ECE centers

Daily, about 4.1 million people are visiting the ECE shopping centers. Modern and operational safety concepts in all our centers are inevitable in order to ensure the safety of our customers and visitors.

The shopping centers’ safety managers are constantly in contact with local and regional safety authorities such as the police, fire department and even with safety contact persons of the county or federal state. In this way, the centers are always informed about new safety regulations and are able to cooperate purposefully and effectively with the authorities. Furthermore, they also cooperate with different social contact persons and aid organizations for crisis situations.

The technical installations are regularly inspected by the authorities. Furthermore, all centers regularly realize fire drills and evacuation exercises, which are regularly accompanied by the authorities and evaluated afterwards.

The in-house security group is composed of volunteers from the tenants and is supported by center management staff. At least 20 helpers must be ready for action at any time. In case of an evacuation of the center, the in-house security group becomes active.

ECE shopping centers are among the safest places imaginable. The atmosphere of the managed spaces (bright, clean, air-conditioned) keeps criminals away so that theft and assaults are extremely rare.

The installation of video cameras solely serves the safety of the customers and visitors of the shopping center as well as the retailers and the employees working in the center. All camera locations and the areas monitored by the cameras (e.g. pay machines, lockers, delivery zones, escape routes) correspond to the principles defined with the responsible data protection authorities. The videos are not analyzed and automatically overwritten after a short period of time (normally 48 hours). 

All our shopping centers have house and car park rules.

The info desk and center management staff as well as the external security staff on site are direct contact persons for our customers and visitors regarding safety-related questions. Moreover, the center management and the technical manager in cooperation with external security services and authorities are responsible for the save course of business in the centers.

Our center staff is regularly trained regarding different safety issues. By means of regular trainings, evacuation exercises, circular tenant letters and personal discussions, the center management staff as well as the tenants are regularly made aware of the safety issue in the center.

Despite all caution and compliance with applicable regulations, accidents cannot be completely avoided. As operator, ECE deals with this openly and cooperates intensively with authorities, manufacturers and experts. As a learning organization we are always keen on making our centers even safer and reducing the residual risk to a minimum.