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Corona: Certified Security and Hygiene Concept in the Centers

The health and preventive protection of our visitors, tenants and center employees is our top priority in the current situation. For this reason, ECE has implemented a comprehensive safety and hygiene concept in its centers - tested and certified by an independent institute.

When the shops were allowed to reopen, we made sure that operations in the centers were well prepared despite the often extremely short preparation time, and were able to restart on time in compliance with all regulations. In order to keep the risk of infection transmission in our centers as low as possible, our center teams work together with our tenants on site to implement comprehensive measures to ensure the safety of visitors to our centers.

A comprehensive hygiene and prevention concept was developed by the ECE center management team. The modular concept was developed as a standard for ECE's centers and tested, refined, evaluated as effective and certified by experts from the Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology headed by Dr. Brill and Dr. Steinmann - as an overall concept and in practice using the Europa Passage Hamburg as a pilot Center.


  • Distance maintenance measures (floor markings, one-way road system, etc.)
  • Queue concept
  • Barrier measures (spitting protection or similar)
  • Increase in security forces to check compliance with the measures
  • Cleaning and disinfection measures
  • Maximum limits for persons with concept for access restriction
  • Information concept for customers, tenants and authorities
  • Digital checklist management for the implementation of measures
  • Occupational safety concept including emergency measures in case of infection
  • Shift operation for employees to minimize contact circuits
  • Familiarisation and training concept for employees
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Decentralized creation of center-specific hygiene and prevention concepts based on the modular system of measures to ensure compliance with regional / local regulations and to take into account the specifics of the building