1984 – 1992

New downtown centers

Löhr-Center Koblenz
Löhr-Center Koblenz

In the early 1980s, ECE refocused once more on the development and realization of shopping centers. While the first centers were mainly constructed in district centers, ECE now tackled the development of downtown centers.

The new center developments were expected to contribute to the strengthening of the city centers and to retract purchasing power from Greenfield sites. Even more than for the district centers of the first generation, attention had to be paid that the centers fitted harmonically into the grown infrastructure. ECE's success in doing so is documented until today with the shopping centers Löhr-Center in Koblenz (1984), Allee-Center in Remscheid (1986), Saarpark-Center in Neunkirchen (1989) and Allee-Center in Hamm (1992). ECE simultaneously assumed a pioneering function – according to the EHI Retail Institute, only one third of all shopping centers constructed between 1964 and 1995 were located in city centers.

In the late 1980s, ECE, for the first time, converted former department stores into modern, light-flooded shopping galleries, for example the City Points in Brunswick (1988) and Bochum (1989). In 1989, they took over into management a number of already existing shopping centers, among them the Elbe-Einkaufszentrum in Hamburg and "PEP" in Munich. Furthermore, ECE realized more office buildings – for the insurance companies Gothaer Versicherungen in Düsseldorf (1989) and Mannheimer Versicherung in Mannheim (1991).