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Networked shopping worlds

Stocksquare – The bridge between online and offline

Together with the online retailer OTTO, we are creating a new and unique cross-channel link between stationary and online trade. Retailers and branded companies with shops in our centers can now integrate their local product ranges online at The aim of this innovative, holistic concept is to strengthen brick-and-mortar retail businesses through additional reach, while simultaneously expanding OTTO's online offering to include product ranges from the centers.

Gemeinsam stark, ECE und OTTO

Strong together

We have established  a joint venture with OTTO to network our online and offline businesses:
Stocksquare, which is based in Hamburg, links ECE's shopping centers with the platform – creating a cooperative enterprise between e-commerce and traditional retail that is unique in this size in Europe and even the world. To the website of Stocksquare >

Offene Plattform

Open platform

The new services will initially be available for the entire branch networks of retailers who operate shops in one of our approximately 90 centers in Germany. This means that branches are connected both inside and outside the ECE shopping centers. Furthermore, the concept of Connected Commerce is also capable of connecting to other online platforms. In technical terms, the concept of Connected Commerce ties in with our existing “Digital Mall” technology, which enables customers to check the availability of goods on the centers' websites.


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