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Cooperation Models

ECE is one of few companies which offers services spanning the complete life cycle of a property – from planning and realization up to long-time management and possible refurbishment. We act as service providers or, if requested, can also organize the financing, assume the development risk, the marketing, and the selling of a property.


ECE's developers are traveling Germany and all of Europe and have established great networks in order to find exciting locations for the different real estate types. The decades of experience and the presence of the center management teams on site ensure that ECE is able to offer the best locations for sustainable corporate success.

You would like to have a tailor-made real estate property developed, but don't want to invest yourself? ECE assumes the investment risk for you so that you can have your desired property realized by us which you can then rent, entirely free of risk. ECE takes care of the development and, at a later point in time, the marketing and sale of the property to specialized investors. more

The project management of ECE is the economic backbone and accompanies the entire planning and construction process. It keeps an eye on the budget and the deadlines and ensures the transparency of all processes. more

The planning of a large real estate property is a highly complex task and requires a high planning ability especially regarding the ever-increasing demands to modern architecture, profitability, and sustainability. more

The architecture of the planned and realized properties has been ECE's factor of success for over 50 years. Since the company's foundation it has been important at ECE to develop own skills in architecture and design and to acquire a high level of competence. more

ECE offers an all-in-one service for clients from all industries who wish to realize a large property: from finding a location, project development, the project management, and the general planning to leasing and selling the property to an appropriate investor. Following the credo "Building without worries and focusing on the actual core business", ECE hands over the desired customized, turn-key property to the customer and will be at their side during the entire process. more

The European construction market is extremely complex and subject to constant changes. Again and again it is a particular challenge to accurately predict the investment volume for refurbishment or new constructions of large-scale projects at a very early point in time. ECE's Construction Management masters this challenge in a unique way. more

Constant modernization, adjustments, and extensions of shopping centers are part of the daily routine to an experience shopping center operator such as ECE.  Only shopping centers which keep pace with the times are will be successful in the long run.  Therefore, ECE revitalizes its shopping galleries at regular intervals and also offers this service to third parties. more

A professional masterplan sets the course for the future and long-term development of a location. Location and efficient processes are crucial competitive factors for companies.  ECE advises its clients on how to add a competitive edge to their commercial property. more

ECE does not only provide leasing services for its own shopping centers. This service is also offered to other investors or owners of shopping properties. more

In the course of an effective implementation of the master plan, ECE breaks it down into concrete subprojects and creates appropriate budget proposals.

ECE also offers you proposals for the regular budget monitoring reporting and the development of the property.

In order to determine the value and the expected return of a real estate property, it is crucial to consider the entire life cycle of a property and to develop a specific sales strategy with regard to the advantages and the USP of a project. more

ECE's professional and experienced transaction management supports you in the marketing and selling of your property or realizes these services for the properties in the ECE portfolio. Upon request, ECE also procures equity capital and controls all activities in the framework of attracting investors. We carry out due diligence processes with a lot of experience and provide consultancy regarding these processes.

Procuring debt capital can also be realized via ECE. The Hamburg-based specialists develop financing models in consultation with investors, negotiate loan agreements and process these loans from application to payment and even beyond. more

ECE has been managing large commercial properties for decades. As European market leader the company sets new standards in the center management and has a unique know-how of operating and marketing shopping centers. ECE experts do not only take over management assignment for company properties but also for third parties. more

Real estate types

ECE develops, realizes, operates and leases out complex large-scale properties in different business fields. Apart from the shopping center business, they also offer office buildings, headquarters, logistic centers, hotels, residential buildings, and traffic-related properties.

ECE has been developing, planning, building, leasing and managing downtown shopping centers, city points, district center, and specialty retail markets for more than five decades. Every ECE shopping center is unique with an individual architectural design, a sensitive integration into its urban environment as well as a tailored branch and tenant mix. more

ECE has been developing and realizing office buildings – among others for clients such as Deutsche Bank, Mannheimer Versicherung (Mannheim Insurance), the public sector or for its own portfolio, The office project portfolio includes office premises, headquarters (e.g. for Philips in Hamburg or ThyssenKrupp in Essen) and office areas in shopping centers. Furthermore, ECE experts modernize existing properties (e.g. BAT in Hamburg) or market office space for various clients (among others for Allianz Real Estate). more

ECE is further expanding its hotel property business area. The company develops and realized hotels with various premium hotel operators at premium locations. Experts realize individual concepts of the clients with impressing architecture, modern ambiance, and consider the best-possible traffic connections. more

Logistics centers for Siemens, Kühne + Nagel, Hermes or the Otto Group as well as the master planning for Airbus, Beiersdorf or Carlsberg Deutschland  – these are only some examples for ECE's expertise in the field of industrial properties.  The experts design efficient, functional buildings in cooperation with the future users of the property to ensure efficient work processes. more

ECE has already revitalized five large-scale train stations in a partnership with Deutsche Bahn and Österreichische Bundesbahnen and has converted them into modern transport projects. Leipzig Central Station was realized with more than 200 million euros in private capital. It was the European pilot project for train station revitalizations. Follow-up projects were Cologne and Hannover Central Stations as well as BahnhofCity Vienna West and BahnhofCity Vienna Central Station. more

Among other special projects, ECE experts realize new residential properties on already developed inner-city sites. These sustainable construction concepts comprise highly attractive buildings and also the layout of new squares and footpaths. ECE considers the concepts of all parties involved in the project with regard to the future use with different residential building services – from rented apartments to owner-occupied apartments. more

Today, municipalities are often interested in a revitalization of their entire city centers. Therefore, larger retail projects are developed with apartments, offices, or hotels at the same time. The planning of urban city quarters is only one of the crucial services of ECE. more

The commitment of ECE as a specialist for large-scale projects goes far beyond the development of shopping centers, office buildings, transport projects, logistics centers, hotels, and residential quarters. The portfolio range of projects and buildings includes television studios, sports centers, schools and institutes of vocational education, cultural buildings, medical facilities, and historic buildings. more