Exterior view of Milaneo in Stuttgart

Shareholdings in ECE shopping centers

Who owns the ECE centers?

The ECE centers are managed by ECE, however, they are usually not owned by ECE. In many centers, the Otto family holds minority or majority interests – this is to show cities and investors that they trust in the properties' long-term success. For many centers, however, ECE has investment partners in order to release new financing power for the development of new locations. more

Investment opportunities for individuals

Depending on the investor, also individuals have the opportunity to have direct or indirect shareholdings in ECE centers. Major investment companies often also have ECE centers in the portfolio of their German and European real estate funds.  Shares of these open-end funds can be acquired from every house bank.  Sometimes, also direct shareholdings in individual centers are possible if a fund was established especially for the respective center. more

The ECE fund

With the ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund the ECE group established its own pan-European real estate fund. The Fund focuses on the acquisition of already existing shopping centers with value growth potential, which is realized via extensions, respositioning or the optimization of the branch and tenant mixture. more