ECE Real Estate Partners

ECE Real Estate Partners G.m.b.H. is a sister company of ECE Projektmanagement G.m.b.H. & Co. KG and also privately owned by the Otto family. Together with its Luxembourg-based subsidiary ECE Real Estate Partners S.à r.l. it has successfully invested institutional capital in shopping centres for more than ten years. With a portfolio under management valued at more than five billion Euros, ECE Real Estate Partners is Europe's leading private equity real estate investment manager specialized on shopping centres. Management and leasing of the centers is realized by ECE Projektmanagement.

ECE Real Estate Partners S.à r.l. was among the first real estate investment managers to be licensed by the Luxembourg Financial Regulatory Authorities as an alternative investment manager. This authorization proves that the company complies with the AIFM regulations (Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive) that the European Union introduced after the financial crisis as a method of supervision of open and closed-ended real estate investment funds.

ECE Real Estate Partners’ shopping centre funds

The ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund was launched in 2010 as a closed-ended vehicle with institutional capital commitments of 775 million Euros and a maximum lifetime of 13 years. The fund focused on the acquisition of existing shopping centres with value-add potential which is realized through extension or restructuring of the centres. During the investment period, a portfolio of twelve shopping centres with an aggregate value of more than 2.0 billion Euros has been acquired. The Fund is fully invested and has started its divestment period.

In 2014, ECE Real Estate Partners launched its second Fund, the ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund II, with a similar focus and strategy. The fund has total equity commitments of 850 million Euros. With a portfolio of twelve shopping centres, this fund is now fully invested. The portfolio includes Cano in Singen, which will be transferred to the fund upon completion.

The ECE Progressive Income Growth Fund (EPIG Fund) was launched in June 2019 with equity commitments of more than 700 million Euros from a leading global institutional investor base. It has acquired a seed portfolio consisting of dominant shopping centres in Germany, Austria, Denmark, Poland and Italy with a market value in excess of 1.6 billion Euros. The EPIG-Fund is aimed at long-term investors striving for stable regular distribution yields and sustainable income growth. The open-ended structure with an unlimited lifetime allows for a long-term investment strategy regardless of current market cycles. Institutional investors participate in a well-diversified portfolio and can adjust their participation over time to match their investment needs. For the upcoming years, further acquisitions of market leading European shopping centres are planned.

ECE Progressive Income Growth Fund

ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund

ECE European Shopping Centre Fund II