Market Reports and Surveys

Customer orientation based on facts and figures

Since 2015, ECE has been publishing studies about various aspects of the shopping center business. Thus, the company can provide a wealth of information that is based on various surveys, data and analyses that is unique in the European retail industry. This includes customer behavior, a study on food and beverage options or publications on the services provided in shopping centers. ECE shares a lot of information with the retail industry. 

Knowing the requirements and expectation of the different customer groups was the objective of the analyses. They enable the company to address the changes and challenges in the shopping center industry and to respond more rapidly and flexibly to new trends.

  • Secrets of Shopping: Who shops where – and why?

    PDF ⋅ 6.1 MB


  • ECE Shopper Types – Who shops, and how?

    PDF ⋅ 3.5 MB


  • Destination Food Court – Facts. Success factors. Insights.

    PDF ⋅ 4.8 MB


  • Destination Food – Food & Beverages in Shopping Centers

    PDF ⋅ 7.0 MB


  • At your Service – The Importance of Services in Shopping Centers

    PDF ⋅ 12.4 MB


  • Focus on the Customer – ECE Market Report 2015

    PDF ⋅ 7.9 MB


  • Retail Insights Studie 2018_EN

    PDF ⋅ 14.3 MB


 Download all surveys ⋅ ZIP ⋅ 52 MB