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We Love Leisure

Leisure and Entertainment in ECE Centers

Our customers long for special moments and offerings that go far beyond shopping. After all, everyone wants to make the most of their time. And this is exactly what our leisure, sports, and entertainment offerings ensure: We create the space for lasting experiences in our centers with such offerings as cinemas, trampoline parks, bowling centers, climbing walls, sports areas, and special events.

Playful, Fun, Exciting, and Action-packed

The possibilities for shaping a non-retail portfolio have never been as diverse as they are today. The momentum is on our side because a look at consumer spending on leisure, entertainment, and culture in Germany paints a clear picture: Experience are worth a lot to people. The desire for entertainment is greater than ever. 

New leisure concepts – spectacular centers

This development also changes the character of shopping centers and requires new concepts. We structure, plan, and implement these new concepts and develop our centers, together with the tenants and owners, in a spectacular and successful way for the visitors.

The three “E’s”

Are we exciting and entertaining enough? We ask ourselves this question over and over again and give our everything every day to bring the three “E’s” to life: Emotion, Excitement, and Entertainment. Whether it’s a restaurant with a modern design and open kitchen where you can watch the chef cooking, or a spectacular premium cinema, or numerous entertainment highlights for big and little ones alike – we give our guests the new experiences they are looking for. Those are the high standards towards which we work and the promise to our customers.

Figures of a Boom


sqm is the average size of a “Leisure and Entertainment” area in our centers


% of private household budgets goes to leisure and cultural activities


€ per month is spent on leisure and cultural activities


% is the growth rate (five-year period) in the Leisure and Entertainment segment

Maximum Leisure and Entertainment


In e(lectronic) sports, human players compete against each other in virtual sports, role-playing, or real-time strategy games on computers or game consoles. Germany is considered the most important market in Europe. Today, individual eSports events are watched by more spectators than the World Cup and the Super Bowl. And: The average eSports audience is young, athletic, and financially independent. We use the great potential in a variety of ways: Whether developing e-sports events and new shop concepts for our centers or perspectively employee events and recruiting new colleagues. 

ASTOR Film Lounge

MyZeil, Frankfurt

ASTOR Film Lounge provides entertainment and additional excitement in Frankfurt’s MyZeil. The premium cinema offers five movie theaters with a total of over 400 seats and a selected cinema program including high-quality services and special extras, such as seat service, wardrobes, and comfortable leather armchairs.

Experiences for every target group

Diving into the world of jellyfish

Aquariums and shopping centers are a perfect match, as the latest attraction on the roof of our Czech center Arkády Pankrác shows. Visitors can view around 10,000 different jellyfish species in 38 specially designed aquariums in the world’s largest jellyfish attraction. This not only brings in additional customers to the center on weekends but also tourists.

Excelling in athletics

Nowhere else has shopping been better integrated with entertainment and sports and leisure activities than in Waterfront Bremen. Covering a total area of around 6,000 square meters, 14 different activity areas all about jumping and climbing as well as sports and games invite guests of all ages to take part in a spectacular leisure experience.

The first Instagram Museum in a German shopping center

With the opening of the “Wonderland” store in City Galerie Wolfsburg, the center has created a veritable photo paradise for its customers. In nine different scenarios, from an American Diner to a luxury nostalgic bathing salon, a cactus desert to a pink ball bath or a candy room, guests can now let off steam and upload their pictures with the hashtag #WonderlandWOB on Instagram. City Galerie thus acquires new target groups and is effectively advertised on social media.