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Our services

We care for approx. 20,000 tenants in our centers and re-lease approx. 500,000 m² every year. An individual branch mixture is composed for each center, tailor-made for the location. Thereby, ECE does not only rely on famous names.

New, innovative concepts and medium-sized companies are a fundamental part of our leasing concept. ECE is a close partner of all international and national trade enterprises with chain structure as well as of numerous local and regional retailers. In our shopping centers we do not only provide units in prime locations individually adjustable in terms of size, but also offer our rental partners a large package of services.

The shopping centers managed by ECE are mostly situated at integrated locations and are easily accessible via federal highways and freeways. There are sufficient car and bike parking spaces available in the shopping galleries or in direct vicinity. It is very important to us that out locations can be easily reached by public transport, such as buses and trains.

We offer our tenants thorough and reliable location analyses that are vital for the expected flow of customers and the future success. ECE's shopping centers are located in city centers or prime locations in the district center of a metropolis and have a very large catchment area. With the combination of smooth operation, continuous optimization and an entertainment shopping concept we ensure for consistently high footfall. Furthermore, we offer different promotional measures and offer our customers numerous services. This increases the time spent in and the attractiveness of our centers and makes our customers come back.

Footfall promotion by:

  • Diversified annual program of exhibitions, campaigns and events
  • Generation-friendly shopping thanks to many services
  • Widespread advertising based on measures defined in the advertising association
  • Customer loyality through center voucher voucher system

With regard to center management, ECE as European market leader has a unique know-how in the operation and marketing of shopping centers. With more than 4.1 million visitors each day at approx. 195 locations Europe-wide, the company offers international retailers diverse brand presentation opportunities and high footfall. more

With regard to the growing e-commerce it has become even more important to get the customers enthused about the brick-and-mortar trade and to improve the atmosphere. For this purpose ECE has established a professional center marketing ensuring that our shopping galleries are continuously accepted and visited by our customers. The basis of successful marketing by ECE is the establishment of the shopping center as a brand. more

Continuous modernizations, adjustments and extensions of shopping centers are daily business for ECE as experienced shopping center operator. Only shopping centers that keep pace with the times can be successful in the long term. We also support our rental partners in the optimization of their location and their unit within the shopping center. more

Expansion options:
Many retailers rely on ECE's experience and knowhow to open up new markets or test new sales channels. Since retailers can count on ECE's quality, they expand with us to other countries where they initially open chain stores in ECE centers. Retail newcomers are offered the chance and the opportunity to expand their sales area to other shopping centers after they completed the start-up phase successfully.

High-quality design:
High-quality shopping center design provides the appropriate framework for the presentation of the latest collections and brands. This is ensured by ECE's architects with high-quality and individual design, high functionality and careful selection of the materials used. ECE's specialists provide each rental partner advice with regard to shopfitting, goods presentation or promotion.

Continuous exchange:
During the planning and the operation of the shopping centers, ECE always closely relies on requirements of the retail trade. This is why the intensive dialog with the rental partners is of high importance to ECE. Among others, the Retail Meeting and the Retail Technical Meeting serve the regular exchange of ideas.

Promotion of medium-sized businesses:
A performance-related rent system oriented towards the individual branches' performance ensures that also medium-sized retailers can be established in the shopping gallery. This creates a diverse retailer merchandise mix without monocultures.

ECE endeavors that apart from the common areas in the centers also the leased out shop units are fitted out according to the criteria for sustainable building. ECE supports the rental partners in the implementation of the sustainability requirements with suitable means. Furthermore, ECE closely cooperates with the rental partners in order to jointly face the challenges of certification systems and legal requirements.

"Love to shop"

Retailers can directly address the customers via ECE's "Love to shop" app and can advertise with current offers and campaigns in a specific shopping center. By sharing offers in social networks and stating personal preferences it is possible to collect points that can be converted into center vouchers. more

Customers can buy center vouchers in nearly all German ECE shopping centers. They can be redeemed in every shops of the respective shopping center as well as in around 90 ECE shopping centers throughout Germany.


  • Participation of all tenants
  • Accepted at 12,000 locations in around 90 ECE centers (excluding MEC retail parks)
  • Sale of vouchers at the customer information desk
  • Advertising of the offered vouchers by the center management

The planning and operation of ECE shopping centers is based on the requirements of the retail industry. Thus, for ECE the dialog with retail partners is crucial. The Retail Meeting (in Germany and other countries) and the Retail Technical Meeting provide suitable platforms for this purpose. more

Attractive restaurants are a central success factor in ECE’s shopping centers. Demand by customers and visitors for restaurant options has increased significantly over the past few years. That is why ECE focuses on culinary variety, originality, and quality in the development of its centers. more