Mobile service rounding off the shopping center experience

Whether buying tickets, games or planning a holiday: There are now smartphone apps available for just about everything. Together with Cellular, ECE has developed its "Love to Shop" app for iOS and Android so that it offers real benefits to both customers and the individual stores.

Relevance through personalization and geofencing

Once a customer has uploaded the "Love to Shop" app on his mobile, he can personalize it by adding information such as age, gender and categories of interest. The user then only receives offers and information which really interest him. The app also offers a further advantage in respect of relevance through the use of so-called geofencing technology. This means that the customer receives information on offers from a center when he is within close proximity to the respective shopping center.

Sharing creates coverage

A further advantage: The apps offer many sharing functions. If a customer likes a particular offer, he can share it with his friends within just a few seconds. Additionally, playful points can be collected and exchanged for attractive prizes. The apps also offer many usage events which repeatedly remind the customer of the center.

Advantages for the store tenant

For the stores, the new apps are the perfect tool to be able to target the customers. They can, for example, create special app deals and are assisted in the presentation by a professional team of style bloggers and editors.

Future-proof thanks to further development

The "Love to Shop" apps are very popular with the customers: They have already been downloaded over 300,000 times and have received an average rating of 4 to 5 stars.

In the Future Labs, the standalone apps "Mein AEZ" and "Limbecker Platz" are the prototypes of the "Love to Shop" app. In these apps, new functions are regularly tested which, after a successful pilot phase can be included in the "Love to Shop" app. Currently, features such as Click & Collect, an iBeacon-based indoor navigation, the registration platform for Easy to Park and also the Car Finder 2.0 are being tested.