Food & beverages

Attractive restaurants are a central success factor in ECE’s shopping centers. Demand by customers and visitors for restaurant options has increased significantly over the past few years. That is why ECE focuses on culinary variety, originality, and quality in the development of its centers. Prime examples such as Europa Passage in Hamburg, Milaneo in Stuttgart and Skyline Plaza in Frankfurt show that a sophisticated range of restaurants to choose from can turn into top-selling footfall generators. A completely new concept has been developed for MyZeil in Frankfurt: The center shall get a new, spectacular food area of international stature which will offer the right food for every taste from morning to night.

A study ECE published in 2016 has shown that 40% of visitors base their choice of shopping center primarily on the available dining options – and not on the variety of other stores. 60 % of those surveyed eat at the center nearly every time they visit. A total of 2,500 visitors and tenants at the ECE centers participated in the survey; in addition, TNS Infratest has completed a representative survey for Germany among shopping center customers on behalf of ECE.

ECE study: Food & Beverages in Shopping Centers

In order to benefit even more from this development together, ECE wants to work with its restaurant partners to implement many other innovative food concepts. ECE participates in major trade shows such as Internorga to make new contacts and to intensify the dialog with its current partners.

Current news and trends from the foodservice sector: