Innovative marketing promotes the branding of a shopping center

Against the backdrop of the continuously growing e-commerce it has become even more important to get the customers enthused about the brick-and-mortar trade and to attract their attention. For this purpose ECE has established a professional center marketing ensuring that our shopping galleries are continuously accepted and visited by our customers. The basis of successful marketing by ECE is the establishment of the shopping center as a brand.

  • Draw-up of target group-oriented advertising campaigns and websites
  • Analysis and implementation of digital offers in the center as well as support of the centers' social media activities
  • Comprehensive market research activities
  • Extraordinary exhibitions and events – from fashion shows to pole-vaulting competitions, from international jazz meetings to multi-media shows
  • Usage of traditional advertising media such as center magazine, ads and radio advertising
  • Center-own profiles on social media platforms and digital service offers (center apps, 3d guiding system, WLAN, virtual kids play areas, interactive LED wall for information and games)
  • Customer retention with center voucher system
  • Integration into comprehensive city and location marketing activities (e.g. bus marketing, city lights, 18/1 billboards, construction site marketing)
  • Participation in downtown campaigns such as public festivals, sports and cultural events, x-mas lighting
  • Development of strategies for creative marketing of mall and advertising space by own marketing specialists
  • Unique network of highly frequented locations as excellent marketing platforms for brands and retailers
  • Fast and low-risk market entrance or test for many start-ups and product innovations 
  • Rental partners can advertise special offers or events in the center magazines or the shopping centers' social medial channels.
  • ECE Flatmedia flat screens and info steles offer an attractive mixture of news, entertainment and product advertisement directly at the POS.
  • Attractive appearance of and high footfall in the centers can be used for individual promotion or sales events (marketing and booking via internal marketing specialists)

Advantages of the ECE center marketing:

  • Cost and effort savings due to usage of synergies in campaign development and planning of major campaigns
  • Individual advertising campaigns tailor-made for the catchment area
  • Optimal interlocking of online and offline media
  • High quality advertising measures thanks to decades-long experience
  • Expansion of branch mixture due to flexible mall space marketing