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Headquartered in Istanbul, ECE Türkiye was founded in October 2000 by ECE. As an investor and full service provider, ECE Türkiye gathers all competences of the shopping center development, such as architectural design, conceptual planning, project management, leasing, center management, budgeting, finance, and legal services under one roof.

ECE Türkiye manages some of the most prestigious shopping centers in Turkey, among them Axis and the MIPIM Prize holder Marmara Park in Istanbul, ANKAmall in Ankara, Espark in Eskişehir and TerraCity in Antalya. While ECE is a leading company in the retail world with its distinct and effective management perception, ECE Türkiye continues its expansion with new investments, developments, and refurbishments in the growing Turkish market.

With its longstanding experience in the market, ECE Türkiye invests in the future of the retail industry with custom made services, innovative concepts, specifically tailored branch and tenant mix, high level of professionalism and expertise, customer-focused strategy and a strong performance.

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ECE Türkiye Proje Yönetimi A.Ş.
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