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ECE Living

Strategic Partner of national and international investors

ECE Living is the strategic partner for residential investments of national and international institutional investors. The focus of the investments is on new residential quarters (build-to-rent) in attractive locations in European growth metropolises, which are specially designed and tailored to the needs of tenants. As advisors to AIFM/ECE REP S.à r.l., we have, we have the highest standards for our processes and governance structures.

As part of the ECE Group, which has been successfully active worldwide in the development, operation and investment of real estate since 1965, we draw on the extensive expertise and experience in investment decisions - with a network of cooperation partners and service providers in all relevant European metropolises.

Our Range of activities

ECE Better Living Europe Fund
The ECE Better Living Europe Fund invests in newly built residential quarters in attractive locations in European metropolises. The focus is on modern rental apartments, especially tailored to the target group of "urban professionals", with customized amenities and attractive common areas, efficient floor plans, and ESG-oriented, sustainable architecture and construction. In an urban, well-connected location, the so-called Build-to-Rent combines one's own home with numerous in-house facilites such as a fitness center, co-working area and private dining lounge. The specific focus on a large demand market gives our projects a competitive advantage in one of the most established asset classes: residential. The combination of ECE's global competence with the expertise of local partners results in attractive and sustainable investments.


Individual investment products

Our fund concepts focus on the requirements and needs of our investors. Due to our own AIFM, licensed by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), we are able to offer a variety of regulated fund products and implement them with our investors. Depending on individual investor requirements, this may involve pooled funds for a larger group of investors, club deals for a smaller number of investors or even individual mandates for individual investors. Individual mandates are fund concepts specifically tailored to the needs of an individual investor. Portfolio, financing and accounting effects are among the possible advantages of an individual mandate.


Acquisition Profile

ECE is continuously looking for high-quality projects to further expand a diversified portfolio. Target markets are in particular dynamic metropolitan regions with excellent growth prospects throughout Europe. The focus is on an early involvement of ECE in order to ideally be able to influence the design already in the planning phase. The properties should offer the possibility to develop at least 200 units as well as site-specific common areas and should be located in urban areas with good public transport connections. The focus is also on contemporary developed properties in existing buildings as well as conversion properties.

About the ECE Living GmbH


ECE Living GmbH, based in Hamburg, is managed by Henrie W. Kötter and Jan-Hendrik Walloch and is an integral part of the ECE Group. The Managing Partners are supported by an experienced and dedicated team of real estate professionals who work closely with the key personnel from the ECE Group and advise the Luxembourg-based regulated AIFM with assets under management of more than EUR 5 billion in the residential segment. Their expertise ranges from mergers & acquisitions, investment and portfolio management to accounting, corporate finance, asset management, strategic advisory, legal, investment banking and private equity. ECE Living is convinced that the experience, the industry know-how, the integration into the ECE Group and the pan-European network of the ECE Living Professionals give its investment products a competitive edge in the acquisition, structuring, realization and investment management of real estate investments.


Our experts ensure the implementation of all investor and product requirements, from research and product development through structuring and financing to portfolio consulting and transaction management. In addition, we make use of the extensive real estate services of the ECE Group. Within the scope of portfolio consulting, we are responsible for the holistic management of real estate portfolios/funds and their performance. Our investment managers take over the complete transaction management: They control the buying and selling process as well as the associated due diligence by external service providers. We always consider the many stages of real estate life cycles in their entirety. As experienced asset and investment managers, we steer the investments through the life cycle with a holistic view in order to ensure optimal value creation and the most sustainable tenant satisfaction with targeted measures. In doing so, we work closely with local best-in-class partners, such as local property and facility managers, and ensure the continuous management of the assets and implementation of our measures.


Sustainable action is of central importance to us and is therefore an integral part of our corporate strategy. Our commitment is to create sustainable real estate that is a valuable investment throughout its life cycle. To this end, we have set ourselves high ethical, social, environmental and corporate goals and are a certified member of the ICG as well as a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) promoted by the United Nations. In our investment decisions, we pay particular attention to the energy efficiency of the properties and their socially responsible urban development: It is an integral part of our acquisition process to check whether development projects qualify for certification. In addition, the energy consumption of the properties is recorded and validated as part of the operational process, and measures to increase energy efficiency are identified. We also attach importance to the use of renewable and durable (construction) materials in development projects wherever possible.


Leodis Square Leeds

Leeds is the second largest legal center outside London and is also home to many important banking headquarters. Here, with Leodis Square, we offer build-to-rent apartments in a first-class central location. The complex comprises four buildings of up to 12 stories and 744 residential units.

Chapel Wharf Manchester

The Chapel Wharf, which we operate and lease, is located in the northern English business metropolis of Manchester. In an absolutely central location and directly adjacent to the five-star Lowry Hotel, the Chapel Wharf comprises 995 residential units spread over four blocks of up to 22 stories. The downtown project is within walking distance of the Spinningsfield business district and major retail locations.

Chapel Wharf Manchester

Arena Central Birmingham

The central English metropolis of Birmingham is the second largest economic area in Great Britain after London. Immediately adjacent to the city center is Arena Central in which 324 units are spread over two building sections with up to 23 floors. A large number of large and renowned employers as well as the main shopping area and the central transport hub of New Street are within walking distance.

Arena Central Birmingham

Residential complex in Copenhagen's "Bryggens Bastion

The property in Copenhagen is an apartment complex of around 10,000 m² in the middle of the new "Bryggens Bastion" district, which is centrally located in the Danish capital. The property comprises 111 apartments, each with two to four rooms. In addition, there is supplementary commercial space on the ground floor and attractive communal areas, including a shared roof terrace over three levels, a landscaped private courtyard and a co-working area.

Interieur des Wohnkomplexes in Kopenhagen