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With our projects we create spaces to live, experience and develop. On our blog we report on current events, discuss topics and allow a look behind the scenes. We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to the exchange!

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Office of the future: How will we work after the pandemic?

Daily work changed considerably at the start of the coronavirus pandemic for many people who work in offices. Most have set up a workspace at home, where they collaborate with their colleagues digitally. But how will the office look in the future? Will people continue to work from home after the pandemic, or will there be an increasingly hybrid form of working? Where will we work in the future, and what new office concepts will meet the flexible and modern needs of the working world?

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Affordable Luxury: How Ruby makes luxury hotels affordable

Casual, lean, and highly efficient – the Munich-based Ruby Group is breaking new ground in the hotel market with its “Lean Luxury” philosophy. With a streamlined structure and a focus on the essentials, the brand, founded in 2013, offers a modern, affordable take on the luxury hotel experience. The Otto family has held a 25 percent stake in Ruby since 2019. In an interview, founder and CEO Michael Struck reveals how Ruby is also growing during the pandemic, why ECE is a role model for him, and why his guests don’t care about golden faucets.

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Urban development: The future belongs to mixed-use

Diverse, compact, sustainable: The mixed-use city based on the classic European model is experiencing a true renaissance. The future belongs to clever mixed-use concepts. In our blog conversation, Klaus-Peter Hesse, Director City Development & Acquisition at ECE Work & Live, and Valentin Hadelich, Head of Department Creative Design - Urban Planning at ECE Group Services, discuss what makes a good mixed-use property, why resilience is important for a neighborhood, and what hidden potential lies dormant in our cities.

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Cities of the future

The trend towards urbanization is permanent and steady. The millennia-old concept of the city is proving to be consistent and resilient. In times of climate change, digitalization, and demographic change it provides the blueprint for the development of green cities of the future. In his guest article, Prof. Dr. Tobias Just, Chair of Real Estate Management at the International Real Estate Business School (IREBS) of the University of Regensburg, explains what has always made cities attractive to people and which factors will shape the way we work, shop and live together in urban spaces in the future.

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How can we create places that attract, excite and inspire people again and again - urban experience spaces with a wow effect? In our blog conversation, food expert Jonathan Doughty, Project Director - Leasing Services at ECE Marketplaces, and architect Marc Blum, Director Creative Design at ECE Group Services, reveal what matters in placemaking and what role tenants play in the process.

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Digital Workplace @ECE

Whether in retail, in the shopping centers, or at the workplace: Digitalization shapes working life at ECE. Our goal: To expand future-proof concepts that combine online and offline and were already in development and implementation before the Corona pandemic as quickly as possible. Working models that combine the best of the digital working world and personal exchange on site are also more in demand than ever.

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Internet of Things sensor solutions for shopping centers

The future belongs to the "Internet of Things" (IoT). More and more places are using sensors that transmit measurement data to IoT platforms. There, the information is evaluated in real time. In this way, it is possible to react to a potential problem at an early stage. A principle that has enormous potential for loss prevention. A pilot project is now testing how IoT sensors can be used to predict and prevent water damage in shopping centers.

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Esport: Interview with Mike Hillen

Mike Hillen is no stranger to the German-speaking e-sports scene. Anyone who deals with gaming in this country will quickly come across the name of the Osnabrücker - whether as a gamer, streamer, promoter of young talent or entrepreneur. As such, he is now doing business together with ECE - and brings online gaming into stationary retail with the concept "Esport Arcade".

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Re-opening centers through experience and flexibility

Reopening of the centers: Back to old shopping pleasures with operator experience and flexibility - Thanks to many years of expertise and trust-based cooperation, the shopping centers can open and life can be implemented instead of a lockdown. Low-threshold vaccination offers are an important element - Ulrich Schmitz enlightens!

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IT-competence at ECE

When asked to summarize her job in IT and SAP consulting, our colleague Ojuna Sergejewa-Weisenseel says that it is about constantly overcoming new challenges, developing solutions through open-mindedness and analytical skill, and working as a team. In this interview, she shares exciting insights into her diverse range of duties.

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