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Development and realisation of modern working spaces

Together with our customers throughout Europe, we develop modern, flexible, and sustainable office concepts that offer room for development. The spectrum ranges from representative corporate headquarters to multi-tenant buildings. And our success speaks for itself: We have already realized more than one million square meters of office space – from the original idea all the way to handing over the keys.

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Firmenzentrale von Thyssen Krupp in Esssen

Realization of individual headquarters

A company’s identity and culture are always expressed through the properties and buildings in which it operates. We see it as our task, in close cooperation with our customers, to realize buildings that meet this demand and at the same time fulfil all the requirements of a modern working environment. And we accomplish that within budget and on time.

Intelligent Quarters HafenCity, Hamburg

Development of multi-tenant properties 

It does not always have to be a large building for corporate headquarters. We develop and lease flexible properties for several users at central locations. The economy and ecology of the company are always at the top of our requirements.


Außenansicht des Philips Headquarters in Hamburg

Solving complex problems

Real estate is often more persistent than the demands placed on it. Also in the balance sheet. We therefore develop solutions together with our customers: For example, how company locations can be restructured, how parts that are no longer used can be reused and revitalized, and how new requirements and specifications can be added in a customized way. And our interdisciplinary expertise can help with all of that – from architectural designs to financing.

Connection of work and life

The future is multifaceted – this also applies to office properties. These are no longer purely conceived of as just places of work because we have been able to integrate them into their neighborhoods. Our expertise and experience in the gastronomy, retail, and hotel sectors not only help raise the quality of the workplace to a whole new level, but they also increase the efficiency of its use.

Office Competence @ ECE: Over 40 years of experience

And this is the beginning: Our work in the office building sector began in the 1970s. As a result of the oil crisis of 1974/75, many office buildings in the banking metropolis of Frankfurt stood empty or remained under construction with no end in sight.

For example, DG Bank commissioned us with the expansion and leasing of the 41-storey City-Haus on Platz der Republik. The Frankfurter Büro-Center (FBC) followed in 1979 as another major project. It had remained unfinished during the oil crisis and had not found a buyer for years due to the high construction costs and risks associated with leasing. The building was purchased and completed ready for leasing. Between 1981 and 1984, we also developed, realized, and leased the “Bürohaus an der Alten Oper” for DG Bank, who was also an investor. The 21 floors of the building located in Frankfurt’s banking district were fully leased within a very short period of time.

Smart through the working day: The office building of the future.

We not only develop tailor-made solutions, but also innovative ideas for the smart office building of tomorrow. Our experts deal intensively with the topic of Smart Office and develop promising concepts. The aim is, on the one hand, to improve the well-being of employees and guests and to increase health protection and safety through building automation and the use of IoT sensors. On the other hand, the analysis of the data obtained helps to optimally utilise the space and reduce ancillary costs and consumption. Join us on the customer journey!


The office of the future is highly intelligent and networked. The building app provides an overview of office occupancy while you are having your morning coffee. The app allows the uncomplicated booking of a workstation or the division of teams into presence and home office.


The search for a parking space during rush hour will hopefully soon be a thing of the past, as the parking space will be reserved online before arrival. Access to the building is also fully automated via an app and provides an overview of the current occupancy of the building. If required, a QR code provides an overview of the building and navigates you unerringly to the next meeting.


Fixed desks could soon be a thing of the past. Working materials are taken to the workplace or to the booked meeting room in a locker that can be booked separately. Intelligent disinfection and ventilation systems make the way there safe and well thought-out lighting and lift circuits ensure energy efficiency.


No work without breaks. These want to be used efficiently and should help recharge the batteries. Therefore, you don't want to have to join the long queue of hungry guests. By displaying the real-time occupancy of the canteen, breaks can be timed accordingly. Self-cleaning toilets and contactless taps are not only more energy efficient, but also reduce the risk of transmitting diseases.


The work is done, you go home - and the next day the workplace is freshly cleaned and disinfected. This is ensured by a fully automatic message from the system to the cleaning staff, which detects which desks and rooms have been used. It is also possible, for example, to have automated contact tracking in the event of an acute outbreak - because the safety of the employees is paramount.

Our office projects 

Modern Business District in Cologne

In the MesseCity Köln quarter on the right bank of the Rhine, between Koelnmesse and the Köln Messe/Deutz railway station, a mix of ultra-modern offices, hotels, restaurants, retail and leisure facilities is under construction. The anchor tenant is Zurich Group Germany, which moved into its new headquarters for around 2,800 employees in autumn 2019. Two further buildings in the eastern section, with 51,000 square meters of flexibly usable space and attractive roof terraces, are currently being marketed.

Area: 132,000 m² | Completion: 2019-2025 | Investment volume: Approx. €750 million

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Campus Hamburg: Flexible office property in the heart of Hamburg

Concentrated business expertise in a prime Hamburg location: the French Société Générale Group, with its companies Bank Deutsches Kraftfahrzeuggewerbe, Hanseatic Bank and Société Générale Insurance, as well as the elevator specialist Schindler, the IT group Fujitsu and the Reese Group are benefiting from the advantages of the 26,000 m² state-of-the-art office property.

Area: 26,000 m² | Completion: 2022 | Investment volume: Approx. €115 million

Intelligent Quarters HafenCity Hamburg

In the heart of Hamburg’s HafenCity, we have realized, together with STRABAG Real Estate, a three-part building ensemble that has 32,000 m² gross floor space for offices and apartments. Highlights: a 70-meter high office tower with a ceramic façade and a local square on the waterfront with restaurants, cafés, and shops. 

Area: 32,000 m² | Completion: 2018 | Investment volume: Approx. €150 million

Der Büroturm Watermark im Intelligent Quarters Hamburg

ThyssenKrupp Quartier Essen

Back to the roots: On the historic site of the former Krupp plants in Essen, we designed and built the new corporate headquarters for the global corporation ThyssenKrupp. The openly accessible quarter includes the new headquarters, further office buildings, and a forum with conference rooms and gastronomic offerings. The ThyssenKrupp quarter is also setting forward-looking standards in terms of sustainability with its high energy efficiency and use of geothermal energy.

Area: Over 100,000 m² | Completion: 2010 | Investment volume: Over €300 million

Firmenzentrale von Thyssen Krupp in Essen

Philips, new Germany headquarters in Hamburg

Satisfied customers like to come back. Philips, for example. We built Philips’ German headquarters in Hamburg-St. Georg – a customized piece of real estate that Philips rented in 2005 for ten years at attractive conditions. When the requirements of Philips changed, the company decided to move to a new location at the Hamburg Airport. Philips once again chose us as its partner for this construction project. In close cooperation with Philips, a tailor-made, state-of-the-art campus with a modern and attractive working environment was created.

Area Completion Investment volume
132,000 m² Since 2019 Approx. €750 million
Außenansicht des Philips Headquarters in Hamburg

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