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We're making space for the future

What sets us apart

Our vision, mission, and values outline what distinguishes us from other companies.
They are an expression of our self-image and provide clear guidelines for our activities – today and in the future.


We‘re making space for the future

Our mission statement, which is focused on the long term, defines our vision. We want to create real estate that is not only sustainable, but that also allows users to develop themselves and their plans.



We understand that people need space.
To live. To experience. To grow.
We create inspiring, sustainable dimensions.

Our mission defines our role in the implementation of our mission statement. The focus is on people and their desire to live, experience and unfolding life to the fullest.


Our values determine our actions. They define how we treat each other as colleagues and how we behave towards our customers and partners. Our values help us to achieve the goals we set ourselves.


As a family business, we have always been oriented towards long-term success and are aware of our responsibility to society and our environment, to our business partners and to ourselves.


We understand the current and future needs and expectations of our external and internal customers and flexibly align our actions accordingly.

Entrepreneurial thinking & acting

We take responsibility, recognize risks, seize opportunities, develop new solutions with a focus on results, and are always aware that our economic success is also important for many others.


We communicate openly both externally and internally at eye level, work together in a spirit of trust, support each other and focus on long-term relationships based on mutual appreciation.


We are open to new ideas and encourage creativity and a willingness to learn in order to help shape the city of tomorrow with innovative solutions through real estate so that people always feel comfortable there.


We are highly committed to the wishes and goals of our customers and business partners and identify ourselves with our company and our tasks.


As a Hanseatic company, we are committed not only to national and international regulations, but also to the principles of honorable businessmen and act fairly, reliably, calculably and honestly.


In our project teams, we work respectfully and purposefully with people with the most diverse personalities, competencies, professions and nationalities along the entire value chain to successfully solve complex challenges.

Our responsibility

Reliability and integrity when interacting with our partners as well as the safety of our customers are our top priorities and are extremely important to us. As such, our cutting-edge security concepts for the centers and our certified compliance management system are the basis for operating in a responsible manner.