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With our projects we create spaces to live, experience and develop. On our blog we report on current events, discuss topics and allow a look behind the scenes. We hope you enjoy reading and look forward to the exchange!

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Future-proof retail needs continuous transformation

The Corona pandemic continues to have a firm grip on the retail and shopping center industry. The industry will have to deal with the effects of the lockdowns for quite some time to come. But the fact remains that leasing today has to focus on more than just retail. Steffen Friedlein reports!

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Repositioning Potsdamer Platz

One of the most comprehensive and exciting repositioning projects in recent years is currently underway in the heart of Berlin. Potsdamer Platz, a location steeped in history, is being revitalized and made fit for the future. The most important element of this major project is the reinvention of the shopping center long known as “Potsdamer Platz Shopping Arkaden," with the goal of creating Berlin’s new top destination for shopping, dining, and leisure.

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Gray energy

What is gray energy? And what role does this "invisible" energy play for the real estate industry? In the course of European climate protection, the emissions from the production of building materials and the associated energy consumption are increasingly coming into focus.

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CANO Singen

With the Cano in Singen, ECE opens its last new shopping project for the time being. Nils Hoffmann, ECE Senior Leasing Manager, reveals in an interview which new store concepts the city of 50,000 inhabitants in the Lake Constance region can look forward to. Why the Swiss like to come across the border to shop and how Corona has made leasing difficult on the last few meters.

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Working at ECE

Developing excellent employees, unfolding their potential with challenging projects and providing sound training and further education for young talents: These are ECE's goals as an employer. In doing so, the company offers the right conditions for high employee satisfaction.

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Green Deal Real Estate Industry

Sustainability is one of the most important topics of the future - also in the real estate industry. Maria Hill, Director Sustainability & Corporate Communications at ECE, talks about sustainability in times of Corona, the European Union's Green Deal and the role of renewable energies.

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Glamour Shopping Week

What is the Glamour Shopping Week, how does it work? And what are the advantages of the brand new cooperation for frequencies in shopping centers? Find out why ECE decided to enter into this strategic partnership, how we will evaluate it for ourselves and how we will build on it in the future.

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Project development real estate: Full competence in all asset classes

Since the 1970s, ECE has also been very successfully developing projects in the office, residential and logistics sectors. We are now among the top 3 hotel developers and top 20 logistics developers. We asked Florian Sauer, Managing Director of ECE Office Traffic & Industries, about current and future projects.

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Digitalization in the construction industry

The construction industry is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. We talk to Markus Lentzler, ECE Managing Director Architecture & Construction, about the significance of this transformation and its impact on both the industry itself and the associated labor market.

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Poke You on a successful course

The Hamburg start-up Poké You is an important part of the Foodtopia gastronomic concept in the Frankfurt shopping center MyZeil. The two founders, two-star chef Karlheinz Hauser and his son Tom Hauser, talk in an interview about how the success story of Poké You began, what opportunities Foodtopia offers them and what they are planning for the future.

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