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Innovations & Trends 

Due to its innovative, future-oriented solutions ECE is always up to date – and more. We are always on the ball, picking up on promising trends and constantly rethinking our properties – true to the motto: qualitative market leadership through innovation.


On our blog we report on the latest news, discuss topics and allow a look behind the scenes!

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Future Market China

Rethinking shopping centers and their function completely: With this goal in mind, we are looking far beyond Europe - always on the lookout for promising ideas and concepts. One country in focus is China.

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Digital planning and building

We create permanently attractive spaces with sustainable cash flow. Among the top hotel and top 20 logistics developers in Germany - with its decades of experience in the operation of commercial real estate, ECE is not only at the forefront in the shopping sector.

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In touch with the latest trends

The world's first textile façade air filter

The air in many cities is often worse than what the EU limits allow. Fine dust and nitrogen oxides worsen air quality, and so avoiding them is an effective measure for protecting the climate and the environment. That is why we are testing the world's first nitrogen oxide-binding textile façade on an office building, ECE Campus in Hamburg – because sustainable action is a central corporate objective of ECE.

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Hamburgs erster textiler Luftfilter

New work for a complex working world

When developing new office properties, we work together with the future users to develop customized solutions for a work environment that is geared toward the future. Not only when the property is already standing, but from the very first moment. Of course we also put our knowledge to use on ECE Campus Hamburg: Whether meetings in large groups in an open area, a small retreat for confidential discussions, or concentrated work in small groups: Modern team spaces and coworking areas meet varying requirements for different work environments and are used to fill a need in the respective specialist fields.

Mixed-Use – Neighborhood developments for lively urban centers

The future belongs to mixed-use concepts. The planning of urban districts with modern apartments, office workplaces and hotels in close proximity to restaurants, shopping centers and recreational activities is one of our key competencies. Some examples include Mitte Altona in Hamburg and Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, which has long been under our management and where we are currently completely reinventing Potsdamer Platz Arkaden. 

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Cooperating with start-ups for smart buildings

As part of a “Smart Buildings Challenge” carried out with the Bosch technology group and its partners Microsoft, TÜV Süd and Deka Immobilien, working with selected tech start-ups we developed four innovative solutions for smart buildings. The aim of the challenge is to identify and promote digital technology for improving building performance and to put the findings into practice. The winners of the challenge are now implementing their concepts at the Ettlinger Tor shopping center in Karlsruhe in order to carry out practical testing. 

Dashboard der Smart Buildings Challenge

Multi-party agreements – Bilateral turns multilateral

The real estate business is going through considerable upheaval. Never has it been more important to minimize negative effects on construction times, quality and costs. The multi-party agreement that we introduced in Germany brings together all employees, companies and procedures involved in the project into a single joint process. The risks and return of the construction project are shared jointly, and the success of all the participants depends on the joint success of the project – a true cultural shift in the construction industry. The aim of the procedure is to optimize the processes associated with complex projects and to make construction costs and times more efficient and predictable for all parties involved.

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Zukunftsfeld Mehrparteienvertrag