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Karlheinz and Tom Hauser - The Father and Son Team on a Successful Course with Poké You

On April 11, 2019, and thus one year after the start of construction, the newly developed Foodtopia dining and entertainment level opened in Frankfurt’s MyZeil shopping center. Until the grand opening in late summer, a diversified mix of modern and high quality dining concepts, outdoor patios with a view of the Frankfurt skyline, an event area and a premium cinema will complete the Foodtopia offering on the fourth floor of MyZeil. An important element of the to date nine dining concepts opened is the Hamburg startup Poké You, which has already been offering visitors of the MyZeil samples of its Hawaiian bowls since February in the context of the Foodtopia Lounge. The two founders, two-star chef Karlheinz Hauser and his son Tom Hauser, talk in the interview about how the success story of Poké You began, what chances Foodtopia offers them, and what they are planning for the future.

„Your Taste – Your Poké“

What exactly is behind Poké You, and how did you come up with the idea of your bowls?

Karlheinz Hauser: The Poké bowl is a local dish in Hawaii and very popular there. Poké originated on the high seas, where the fishermen needed quick and long-lasting nourishment while working and combined the freshly caught fish with other ingredients. We tried out the Poké bowls for the first time during our Hawaii holiday in 2016 and were enthusiastic.
Poké You is a very healthy, fresh, and modern concept. Our focus is on the quality and freshness of the more than 50 different ingredients, as well as on a love of detail. Our refreshing beverage offering and stylish atmosphere in attractive locations round off the complete package.

Tom Hauser: One of the central elements of our concept is that our customers can individually combine their meals in six steps according to the “self-made principle.” Following the motto of “Your Taste – Your Poké,” this results in countless possibilities for variation, which makes each visit a new taste experience.

Which target group are you aiming at with Poké You?

Tom Hauser: Our target group was initially clearly defined. We wanted to attract the attention of young people who attached importance to healthy nutrition. We were able to considerably expand our circle of customers due to our location in the shopping center.

Karlheinz Hauser: We were astonished at how quickly the target group changed. Thanks to the quick and uncomplicated preparation, businesspeople and members of the fitness studio across from us like to pay us a visit. Our food is not only very attractive, it is also light and filling. That gets around by word of mouth.

Tom Hauser: This was also reflected in social media. It’s fun for us to interact with our guests there and to occasionally provide a little look behind the Scenes.

Opportunities thanks to the concept of Foodtopia

What opportunities do you think the center offers you? What can the Foodtopia dining concept offer you?

Tom Hauser: We are very proud to be part of Foodtopia, which also includes large and well-known dining concepts. Foodtopia offers a broad variety of restaurants with interesting concepts. Thanks to the unique location and atmosphere, as well as the spectacular view of the Frankfurt skyline and city, we hope for a high footfall. Given the over 40,000 visitors to MyZeil each day, we are very optimistic..

Karlheinz Hauser: We had a good feeling from the start, and are very pleased to receive so much support and interest from the team at ECE. We work together closely on joint developments and hope to soon be represented in other ECE shopping centers.

How do you see the future of Poké You?

Karlheinz Hauser: We definitely want to place ourselves in several cities and be represented throughout Germany. We aren’t only targeting shopping centers in the process. A lot depends upon the location, and here we want to be convinced that each potential new outlet is the right one.

Tom Hauser: We are currently working intensively on new Poké You projects. We recently started to offer self-service via tablets and frozen yogurt. In addition, our bowls customers will be able to compile and order them before even entering our restaurant. The take-away service will be also be improved and expanded upon in order to increase the number of walk-in customers. Which is why we will be focusing on 100% sustainable packaging materials in future.

Gastronomy start-up combines two generations

How are the tasks distributed between father and son? Are there advantages to two generations working together?

Karlheinz Hauser: As a two-star chef and a versatile restaurateur, I am responsible for new creations and quality assurance. It’s a lot of fun for me to work together with my son on our concept. Poké You is a trendy concept oriented to current lifestyle and food trends. We need young people with great ideas to keep growing. We complement one another well in terms of the distribution of tasks and different perspectives.

Tom Hauser: I am happy to have been able to gather important experience in various areas. I am also very grateful to my father that he helped me to run my own business at an early stage. I have a lot of pleasure in contributing new ideas and to advance the company.

What would you advise other young entrepreneurs wanting to found a dining startup?

Tom Hauser: Particularly with startups, I think it’s very important to stick with it and try out new things. Startups will of course make a mistake now and then. That’s why it’s all the more important to be able to accept criticism and learn from your mistakes.

Karlheinz Hauser: Principally, you have to stand behind the quality and the brand with your name. It is ultimately necessary to have a clear concept and a goal in mind. We stand behind our idea and the goal of expanding in coming years.

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