Organization of the ECE

Exterior view ECE headquarter

Business areas

ECE develops, builds, leases out, and manages large commercial properties in the business areas Shopping, Office, Traffic, and Industries. more

Members of the ECE Management Board

ECE Management Board

The ECE Management Board consists of CEO Alexander Otto as well as seven Managing Directors. more

Members of the Supervisory Board

ECE Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board has to approve all important entrepreneurial decisions, so-called operations subject to Supervisory Board involvement, before their realization. more

Map of international subsidiaries

International subsidiaries and joint-ventures

In addition to the headquarters in Hamburg, ECE has several subsidiaries and joint-venture companies. more

Exterior view of Nordlicht in Kiel

German subsidiaries and joint ventures

ECE and METRO AG manage the joint venture MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG. more

Logos of ECEs Memberships


ECE is active in a wide range of organizations and associations whose aim is to promote urban development, civic planning and the retail trade as well as to revitalise the inner cities. more