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The safety of the visitors to our centers is our highest priority. Using modern and operational concepts, we ensure the safety of the approx. 4.1 million visitors who come to our centers every day.

Cooperation with security authorities and aid organizations

Those responsible for safety in the shopping centers are in constant contact with local and regional security authorities such as the police and fire brigade, all the way up to security contact persons at the district and country level. In this way, the centers are constantly informed about new security guidelines and can cooperate with the authorities in a targeted and effective manner. In the event of a crisis, we work specifically with various social contacts and aid organizations.

Fire protection measures

Safety in case of fire: All technical installations are regularly checked by the authorities. In addition, all centers conduct regular fire protection and evacuation drills, which are usually conducted in cooperation with the authorities and evaluated afterwards.

Center security group

In the event of an evacuation of the center, the center security group is deployed. Each shopping center has such a group of volunteers comprised of retail tenants and is supported by employees of the Center Management. At least 20 of these helpers must always be ready for action.

House and parking regulations

Order makes life easier and more relaxed. For a better overview and perspective, all our shopping centers have center and parking regulations.

Reduce crime

Our shopping centers are some of the safest places. The atmosphere of the cultivated areas (bright, clean, air-conditioned) keeps criminals away, so that robbery or physical injury is extremely rare.

Security personnel 

Do you have questions about security? The employees at the customer information desk or the Center Management and the external security services on site are your direct contacts. Center Management and the Technical Manager, in cooperation with external security services and authorities, are responsible for the safety and security of the commercial operations in our centers.

Security measures: Cameras

The installation of video cameras serves exclusively for the security of our customers and visitors to the shopping center as well as the retailers and the employees working in the center. The camera locations and the areas covered by the cameras (automated pay stations, lockers, delivery/escape routes) comply with the pertinent data regulations and were established in agreement with the competent data protection authorities. The camera recordings are not evaluated and are automatically overwritten at short intervals (usually 48 hours).

Regular security training

The employees in our centers receive regular training on various topics regarding security. Through these training courses, evacuation exercises, tenant circulars, or personal discussions, the employees of Center Management and the retail partners are regularly familiarized with the topic of “security in the center”.

Despite taking all precautions and observing all applicable regulations, accidents and misfortunes cannot be completely avoided. As operators, we deal with this openly and work intensively with the authorities, as well as with manufacturers and experts. We are constantly striving to make our centers as safe as possible and to minimize any residual risk as far as possible.