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Operations and Center Management

First-Class Center Mangament as a Recipe for Success

In the field of Center Management, we set the standards in terms of quality and possess unique know-how in the operation and marketing of shopping centers. Attractive service offerings and spectacular events create a feel-good atmosphere and attract numerous customers and visitors. The shopping centers managed by us become lively marketplaces.

Marketing & Events

Our professional marketing measures and events ensure that centers are highly frequented and draw in attractive target groups. This is how we position the center as a brand. This results in a variety of advertising possibilities for existing tenants and your brand.

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Facility Management

For us, Facility Management means a customer-oriented and proactive approach to developing solutions for center operations. We offer you forward-looking and process-oriented services with the aim of minimizing risks and creating added value.

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Center Management, Facility Management


The safety of the visitors to our centers is our highest priority. Using modern and operational concepts, we ensure the safety of the approx. 4.1 million visitors who come to our centers every day, and we do so by working hand in hand with external partners.

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Sustainability in our centers

Sustainability in our centers affects a wide variety of areas: From environmentally friendly building materials to a balanced tenant mix and green spaces – we reconcile sociocultural, ecological, and economic aspects and gear our actions to various sustainability standards.

Guidelines for green centers

In cooperation with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and after intensive research, we have published the first comprehensive sustainability handbook for the development of shopping centers. The handbook is based on DGNB criteria and is considered the standard for the construction of new shopping centers.

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Handbook Sustainability and Shopping Center Operations

The handbook provides Center Managers and Technical Managers on site with practical recommendations for the sustainability-focused operation of existing centers. Through the use of checklists, all operational areas – from the parking garage to energy and water consumption to complaint management – can be checked for potential improvements. 

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We rely on green energy

In order to cover unavoidable energy requirements in the most environmentally friendly manner possible, all German centers and our headquarters were converted to use green energy. According to conservative calculations, the use of green energy in 84 centers will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by a total of 148,000 tons.

Intelligent, energy-saving lighting concepts

Long before the topic of CO² reduction came up, we made energy-saving one of our main goals. By installing lighting systems with the latest technology, energy consumption in new centers was reduced by an average of 20 percent. A specially produced handbook on sustainable lighting systems also helps to optimize the energy consumption of tenants.

Charging batteries while shopping

In various centers, customers have the opportunity, in addition to doing their shopping, to recharge their cars at the installed charging points in the centers’ parking garages. A handbook provides information on the form in which electric mobility services are implemented in our centers.

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Handbook Building Products in Tenant Fit-outs

Building materials play a central role in environmentally and climate-friendly buildings. In accordance with our holistic approach, we offer our tenants support in order to promote the selection of environmentally friendly and health-friendly products during construction activities.

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