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Career opportunities for high school students

As a high school graduate, we offer exciting opportunities to design your vocational training or cooperative education program with us. Different positions within the company during your on-the-job training with us, interesting assignments, personalized feedback from mentors, and the appropriate internal training opportunities in our Young Talents@ECE program will ensure that you get your career at ECE off to the best possible start.


Vocational training

We offer a wide range of vocational training opportunities for high school graduates and other students who completed ten years of trade school or another secondary school.

A vocational training program combines classroom instruction at a vocational school with on-the-job training in various departments at ECE. Our dedicated instructors will help you lay the foundation for a perfect start to your career as soon as you begin our onboarding program.

We offer vocational training programs in the fields of office management and architectural drafting.


Cooperative education

By participating in a cooperative education program, you can perfectly combine the theoretical knowledge gained during your degree program at a cooperative university with on-the-job training at ECE as a partner company. If you have graduated from high school with a diploma qualifying you for a degree program at a college or university of applied sciences and have a motivated and communicative personality, we look forward to working with you to create the right framework for your further development.

During your cooperative study program with ECE, you will earn a salary right from the start, and we even cover the tuition fees. You will become familiar with various departments and enjoy all of the benefits that we offer our employees.

We support cooperative education programs in the fields of business administration, retail management, and business informatics.

Vocational training and cooperative education programs at ECE

Benefits for high school graduates

Lea Steinfels

Cooperative education student in business administration

“At ECE, I was warmly accepted into the team from the very first day. Here, I can put the theoretical knowledge I’ve learned into practice. I feel welcome and appreciated thanks to the pleasant atmosphere among the employees. The employees in every department strive to help the vocational trainees and students in cooperative education programs so that you quickly feel at home.”

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Lea Röhrs


Phone: +49-40/60606-8000


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If you are interested in an internship with us during high school, we regret to inform you that, due to the complexity of our projects, we are unable to offer internships for high school students.