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ECE Group's reputation as a reliable, ethical, and fair partner is the foundation of our success. As such, compliance is an issue that we take very seriously. 


Our compliance management system is based on our set of values. An important part of this set of values is our endeavor to be ethical. We understand this value to mean that, as company based in Hamburg, we are not only committed to national and international laws and regulations, but also to the traditional principles of honorable Hanseatic merchants. We conduct ourselves with fairness, reliability, predictability, and honesty.

Our compliance management system is regularly audited by the Institut für Corporate Governance in der deutschen Immobilienwirtschaft e.V. (ICG). Through this compliance management certification, ICG confirms that we have implemented a compliance management system that prevents infringements of ECE's internal compliance guidelines and applicable laws in Germany and abroad.

Important principles of the underlying value management system include transparency and a positive corporate culture. Special requirements for real estate companies are also taken into account, including, for example, rules on conflicts of interest in transactions or the awarding of contracts.

ICG awarded its compliance management certification to ECE for the first time in 2014 and confirmed the validity of the certification in accordance with ICG’s certification guidelines in 2016 and 2019. 


Our set of values and our understanding of them are implemented through a declaration of core values and fundamental standards of conduct in the ECE's Code of Conduct, which you can download here.

The ECE's Code of Conduct applies to our employees and serves as an ethical and legal guideline for the specific implementation of our values in the corresponding conduct of our employees within the ECE and towards our business partners and competitors. 


When working with business partners, a respectful and honest relationship with them is extremely important to us. As such, we also expect you to adhere to our compliance requirements and all applicable legal provisions in Germany and abroad.

The compliance standards for our business partners outline the basic compliance requirements that our business partners must meet.

These compliance standards apply to all suppliers, service providers, consultants, agencies, other intermediaries, externally engaged specialists, and other business partners who work for or on behalf of ECE in Germany and abroad. 


Information on possible violations of compliance regulations can be reported via our compliance helpline. The compliance helpline can be reached at 

compliance(at) +49-40-606-06-7733. 

Alternatively, the ECE's electronic whistleblower system is available to all employees and third parties and can be used to report violations – also anonymously. Thanks to its encryption technology for data transfer and data access, the system meets the highest security standards currently in use and is available in 11 other languages in addition to German and English. The whistleblower system can be accessed via the following URL: