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Acquisition of office property for conversion into around 150
apartments at the Zoopark in Düsseldorf

ECE Work + Live is planning the development of a further residential project and will convert an existing existing office building in the North Rhine-Westphalian state capital of Düsseldorf into a modern and a modern and sustainable residential building with a total of around 150 For the planned conversion project, we have now acquired the vacant three-part property from the 1970s from a local project development company.

The building on Heinrichstrasse is centrally located close to the city center in the Düsseltal district
Düsseldorf Zoopark, surrounded by greenery and parks and with excellent connections to public
public transport and the city's infrastructure. The accessibility of the Grafenberg Forest are also within easy reach.

A wide offer of ownership or rental apartments is planned in various layouts and sizes from and sizes from 1 to 5 rooms, catering to different user groups such as families, couples, senior citizens and singles, couples, senior citizens and singles alike. Balconies and terraces are planned for all terraces are planned for all apartments, as well as an attractive landscaped courtyard with a communal garden is also planned. Depending on the further planning stages, construction is scheduled to begin in 2025/26
completion is planned for 2027/28.

The apartments will meet the latest standards of sustainability and energy efficiency the highest energy efficiency building specifications (Efficiency House 40 EE) and a modern energy supply a modern energy supply, a barrier-free design and the provision of e-charging stations for all parking spaces. In addition, the conversion of the existing building instead of a completely new building saves significant amounts of emissions, energy and resources.

Katja Freese, Director Office & Residential at ECE Work & Live: "The project in Düsseldorf is a good example of how we can
is a good example of how we can make flexible use of opportunities that arise even in a o market environment that continues to be challengingexperienced project developer and how we can profitably utilize our strengths as a financially strong office space to create urgently needed living space while conserving resources.

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