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ECE develops further residential project in Italy

ECE Work & Live is realizing another residential project in Italy: The project includes the modernization of 27 of a total of 180 urban villas in the "Parco della Leprignana", a gated community located between the capital city of Rome and the Tyrrhenian Sea, as well as the master planning for the further development of the site with approx. 215,000 m² site and the development of more than 200 additional urban villas.

As part of the master planning, the park's existing infrastructure is to be supplemented by the planned new villas and various shared areas and facilities with areas for pools, playgrounds, and dining pavilions. The existing villas will be modernized and upgraded to the latest standards. The "Parco della Leprignana" is only 15 minutes from the sea and around 20 kilometers from the city center of Rome and is characterized by its quiet and green location.

ECE is thus developing another project in Italy: The company is already realizing a residential project in the west of Rome with around 140 high-quality condominiums in a total of six buildings in a park-like location. Also in Rome, ECE is responsible for the conversion of a historic building in the city center, which was previously used as an office, into a modern lean-luxury hotel under the Ruby Hotels brand. And in Venice, ECE Real Estate Partners is investing in the repositioning of the historic Hotel Bonvecchiati in the heart of the lagoon city, which is being converted into a 5-star lifestyle hotel under the Only You brand.

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