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Marketing and Events

With innovative Marketing we build our Shopping Center Brands

Our goal is clear: Our shopping centers should inspire our visitors and arouse their attention and emotions.

With professional center marketing, we ensure strong visitor frequencies and appeal to attractive target groups who identify with their local center. The basis of our successful marketing is the development and establishment of the shopping center as a strong brand that visitors associate with positive experiences and memories.

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Our Self-Image

  • With professional marketing, we ensure high visitor frequencies and develop the target groups that are important for the respective center.
  • We develop target group-specific messages and are active in all relevant channels - offline and online.
  • Through local and regional events as well as national cooperations, such as with GLAMOUR Shopping Week, we create special experiences for our visitors.

Your Target Group is in our Centers

Through extensive market research activities, KPI analyses and visitor surveys, we know the target groups of our various centers very well. Thanks to this knowledge, we design target group-oriented and cross-channel advertising campaigns. In doing so, we specifically link the offline experience with digital offers and services such as the Digital Mall, center apps, 3D wayfinding systems, or interactive children's play areas.

Events as additional Sales Drivers

Emotions promote the desire to store. Our shopping centers are not just "points of sale," but also places where people can meet and experience things. This is ensured by attention-grabbing events and strong cooperation with major and well-known partners, such as GLAMOUR Shopping Week - always under the premise of increasing footfall and sales potential, as we create additional reasons to visit.

Glamour Shopping Week

For the first time in October 2020, we entered into a unique cooperation with the internationally distributed fashion and lifestyle magazine GLAMOUR and the renowned Condé Nast publishing house and have since been hosting the popular GLAMOUR Shopping Week in our centers. During the campaign period, readers of GLAMOUR can use their personal GLAMOUR Shopping Card to enjoy an exclusive VIP treatment with goodies, discounts and competitions in the 80 participating ECE shopping centers nationwide.

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Adavantages of ECE Center Marketing at a Glance. Profit from:

  • Professional center marketing - tailored to the individual needs and requirements of each center.
  • An experienced marketing team and network of strong and experienced marketing agencies.
  • Cost and effort savings by leveraging synergies in campaign and content development as well as planning of large events.
  • Optimal dovetailing of online and offline media for cross-channel campaigns.
  • High quality of advertising measures thanks to decades of international marketing know-how.
  • Continuous further development of our marketing strategy(s) and measures at individual center level and across all centers in the portfolio.
  • Our center voucher implemented nationwide. You can find out more here.