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Status: realized
Architects: ECE Projektmanagement, Hamburg

New headquarters at the airport. ECE has realized a prestigious new building for approximately 1,000 Philips employees in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, the most traditional Philips location in Germany. The six-story building with generous glass facades and roof terrace creates an innovative working environment. The interior with its creative theme worlds, short paths and modern infrastructure especially contributes to this. The new, futuristic company headquarters building is the most important element of the Philips Campus where all Philips employees in Hamburg are now working together in one place.

Philips, new Germany headquarters

Röntgenstraße 24
22335 Hamburg


    Construction start: fall 2013
    Completion: fall 2015

    Property data

    Area: 18,000 sqm
    Footfall per day (on average): n.a.