Services by ECE: Project development
Status: under construction
Architects: André Poitiers

Mitte Altona is the second largest urban development project in Hamburg. In the first construction phase, about 1,600 apartments will be built. Furthermore it includes a park of 2.7 hectares, public squares, four day-care centers, and a district school, on the site of a former railway area in the Hamburg district of Altona. The urban planning concept of the quarter which is planned to be a traffic-calmed area and will consider the special requirements of inclusion has been created by André Poitiers Architekt Stadtplaner RIBA together with arbos Freiraumplanung GmbH & Co. KG.

The northern area has been previously acquired by ECE while the company is cooperating with Behrendt Wohnungsbau, Harmonia Immobilien, and E.W. Fraatz in the southern area. On a gross floor area of 120,000 m² (northern area 90,000 m²/ southern area 30,000 m²), a total of 1,200 condomiums will be constructed.

Residential area "Mitte Altona"

22765 Hamburg


    Construction start: fall 2014

    Property data

    Number of apartments: 1,600
    Area: 120,000 sqm
    Footfall per day (on average): n.a.

    Other involved

    Development: E.W. Fraatz • Harmonia Immobilien • Behrendt Wohnungsbau