ECE is modernizing Franken-Center Nuremberg

The shopping center is getting spruced up for its 50th anniversary in 2019

In Franken-Center Nuremberg, major reconstruction efforts are starting in September in order to further improve the service offering and the visitor experience for customers of the center. The modernization will be completed by the summer of 2019, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the center. The 50th birthday of the center next year represents something special for ECE itself as well since Franken-Center was the first center the company developed itself.

The planned modernization is focusing on new and innovative service offers, a modern mall design, more comfort in the restaurant area as well as in the parking garage , and functional improvements throughout the center. These efforts will ensure a fascinating shopping experience and an enhanced feel-good atmosphere going forward. The owner of Franken-Center, an investment company that has been in the possession of the Otto family as well as additional institutional and private investors for several decades, is investing a total of approximately €10 million in the modernization measures.

Fresh mall design

As part of the renovation, the entrance hall at the bus station entrance has been completely redesigned. In the future, pleasant wood tones, a large staircase, and stylish lighting will welcome customers when they enter the center. In addition, large parts of the ceilings and floors are being replaced in many areas of the mall. Modern design elements on the ceilings and walls as well as innovative lighting systems will optimize the interior of the center and ensure a pleasant atmosphere.

A greater variety of services

The restaurant area located on the lower level will also be substantially upgraded. A modern food lounge is planned directly in the mall, which will be equipped with inviting seating and an attractive mix of materials in a contemporary design. Among other things, the expanded service offer will include new, high quality lounge areas, a central glass elevator extending over all three floors, a new and attractively designed customer information center, modern lobbies for the restroom facilities, optimized signage, the 3D Wayfinder, as well as the newly designed children’s play area.

Greater parking convenience

A dynamic parking guidance system and the display of individual free parking spaces create an improved orientation in the parking garages. In addition, new entrances, improved guidance, signage, and color schemes, as well as modern lobbies will ensure a pleasant arrival. Wider parking spots, charging stations for electric vehicles, and car sharing facilities provide additional convenience.

Opened in 1969, Franken Center in Nuremberg has been a popular shopping and entertainment hotspot for almost five decades. It is one of the largest shopping centers in northern Bavaria with a comprehensive range across 40,000 m² of retail space and 110 shops. Accessible by car and public transportation for the approximately 900,000 inhabitants in the catchment area, the center also offers approximately 1,400 parking spaces.